Donors are the reason that the Games and Online Harassment Hotline is here to listen and support people in our community. It’s incredibly important that this community has a resource that understands the unique culture nature of gaming and online communities, and the particular challenges they face. Challenges like:


  • Someone struggling to stay sober from their gaming addiction
  • A game developer knowing her coworker was assaulted on the job, but afraid to come forward for fear of retaliation
  • A female gamer being harassed, doxxed and stalked by an online abuser


I wish we lived in a world where none of you see yourselves or your friends, family or colleagues reflected in those stories. But there’s a good chance that you do. That’s how common these problems are in gaming and online communities.


Taking care of each other in our online spaces has never been more important. This is something you can do right now to take care of this community. We all deserve help when things are rough, and you can be part of that. Thank you so much in advance for your support!