How does the Games and Online Harassment Hotline work? 

  1. You reach us by texting SUPPORT to 23368.
  2. After you answer a few quick automated questions, one of our trained agents will respond and talk to you about what you’re experiencing. They’ll provide a listening ear as well as information on resources that may be of use.
  3. They’ll also ask if we can follow up in a few days to check in with you and see if we can offer additional assistance or support. For more information on what you can expect when you contact us, visit our Get Help page.

Who are your agents?

 Our agents are paid individuals who are trained in crisis response, risk assessment, suicide prevention, sexual assault, and abuse response. They receive training on games industry topics using our community toolkit and web-based training (written by hotline staff and industry partners like Take This! AnyKey, Geek Therapy and others).

If a person is not in crisis, or after they have worked with one of our crisis hotline agents, we have a robust referral network of folks who can answer specific questions and address more complex needs. This is what separates our service from other hotlines – we offer to follow up with our users, getting them the help they need upstream and downstream of the crisis situation.