Where to Get Help

If you are looking for help and support right now, we recommend these trusted helplines.

Digital Access Now Helpline

Digital security technical assistance and advice for human rights defenders

Cyber Civil Rights Initiative

Resources and helpline for image abuse, blackmail, and nonconsensual pornography

Trans Lifeline

Suicide hotline for transgender people

The Trevor Project

Suicide hotline for young LGBTQ+ people 13-25

Vita Activa

Emotional and technical support around experiencing online abuse for journalists, activists, and human rights defenders


Accountability Support

Our accountability group lives on! Jae started this drop-in monthly meeting space at the Games Hotline and continues to run it, supporting people who have caused harm and are engaged in taking ownership of our choices and behaviors and the impact they have. We want to stop the cycle of harm in our lives, and here we offer mutual support on our respective and ongoing paths of accountability.