Legal Support/Aid

  • Women in Film Hotline

    Provide pro-bono legal aid to women working in film and TV, including those who work in the film/TV industries as well as the gaming industry. Contact their crisis line for assistance: 855-943-5463

  • Cyber Civil Rights Initiative

    Provide technical information, emotional support, legal referrals and non-legal advice for victims of nonconsensual pornography or sextortion throughout the US through their hotline: 884-878-2274

    Additional resources for individuals outside the US can be accessed here:

  • Times Up Legal Fund

    Provides legal support to individuals who have experience or are experiencing sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace, at school, or while trying to get healthcare, connecting individuals with lawyers in their area.Complete the intake form for legal consultation here:

    Or leave a detailed voicemail at: 202-319-3053

    Note: voicemail applications may take up to a week to address.


  • Online SOS

    Online SOS is a safe place where people can find tools, information and, above all, empowerment, in the face of online harassment.

  • Digital Security Exchange

    Link organizations with digital security providers for assistance with cyber security. For more information contact through signal at: 413-629-8478 or email

  • Chayn Labels

    A global volunteer network addressing gender based violence by creating intersectional survivor-led resources online.For guides on spotting the signs, building domestic violence cases, and digital security/safety guides visit:

  • Equality Labs

    Provide training to assist activists and organizers learn how to protect each other and their movements digitally.To learn more about their digital training program contact: hello@equalitylabs.orgOr complete their Rapid Response form for assistance within 24 hours:

  • Take back the tech

    An organization focused on global and local campaign support, focusing on campaigns related to ending gender based discrimination and violence in the tech world.For information on how to build your own campaign go to: seek more information on different digital forms of gender-based violence go to:

Sexual Harrassment/Assault/Violence


    American anti-sexual violence organization, providing support and resources to individuals impacted by sexual violence, including victims and their families and friends. Call 800-656-4673 to talk to a crisis worker or to be routed to your closest sexual assault crisis centre.

Mental Health/Wellness

  • Take This

    An organization dedicated to decreasing the stigma and increase support for mental health in the gaming community. Provide a variety of mental health resources including crisis lines, therapist directories, online therapy resources, self-care tools, streaming support resources, online harassment support, and useful apps. See the mental health resource page for more information:

  • The Take This Community Discord is a chill place to relax, connect, and surround yourself with fellow gamers and mental health-minded people. Take This does not provide mental health services or professional consultations.

  • Rise Above the Disorder (Formerly Anxiety Gaming)-Therapist Finder

    Non-profit dedicated to making mental health care accessible. Provide grants and a therapist finder service. Provide grants to cover therapy, medication and travel. More information available here:

  • Checkpoint

    A charity that provides mental health resources for gamers, developers and streamers.To access more information on these resources see: a list of mental health resources globally access:

  • Stack Up Overwatch Program (StOP)

    Stack Up Overwatch Program provides 24/7 critical support for veterans and civilian supporters through their Discord. Volunteers are trained and certified in crisis management. To access the Discord chat go to this link: in crisis or would like to talk to someone, reach out to the StOP team by typing “@StOP Team” in the Overwatch Program chat on Discord.

  • Open Sourcing Mental Illness

    A non-profit providing consultation and resources to organizations in order to support mental wellness in the tech and open source communities. For detailed resources visit:

LGBTQIA+ Specific Resources

  • Trans Lifeline

    Provide crisis support and general mental health/wellness support and financial support to trans and non-binary folks, including their cis friends and family members. Call their hotline for confidential support: 877-565-8860 for the US and 877-330-6366 for Canada.

  • Gaymer X

    Non-profit dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ folks in the world of gaming. Host programs focused on inclusion and provide scholarships to the Game Developers Conference. More information here:

  • The Trevor Project

    Providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ young people under 25 years old. Contact by phone at: 1-866-488-7386 or by text by texting START to 678678.


  • Hope For Wellness

    Offer immediate free mental health counselling and crisis intervention for all Indigenous people across Canada. Support is available in English and French, with the option of Cree, Ojibway and Inuktitut if requested.

    To speak over the phone with a counsellor call: 1-855-242-3310 Contact for online chat:

  • Dames Making Games

    A non-profit that runs programs and events in and around Toronto Canada for women, nonbinary, femme and queer folks interested in games. Provide production space, education, advocacy, archiving, resource sharing and more collaborative practices.

    To get more information or to become involved visit: or contact:

  • Pixelles

    A non-profit providing free monthly workshops, game jams, socials, and mentorship programs for women and other marginalized people in and around Montreal Canada.

    To get more information or to become involved visit: or contact:


  • AnyKey

    Research based advocacy group that supports diversity, inclusion and equity in competitive gaming.To become involved with their diverse and inclusive community see their pledge page:

  • Game Heads

    Provide workshops and mentorship to involve Youth of Color (age 15-24) to become involved in the video game and tech industry. To apply for their collaborative cohort go to their website:

    Or for more information contact: 650-458-7535 or

  • Girls Making Games

    Provide summer camps, workshops and game jams for girls (aged 8-18) to become involved in game development. For more information on how to become involved contact at

  • POC In Play

    A UK-based independent organization running a variety of initiatives and events to increase representation and connection between People of Colour in the video game industry.To gather more information contact: or to view upcoming events visit:

  • AbleGamers Charity

    Create opportunities for people with disabilities to engage in gaming and gaming culture. Will provide assistance with getting involved with gaming by providing grants, general advice, and other support. To apply for a grant visit:

  • Latinx In Gaming

    Latinx in Gaming serves as a platform to connect with Latinos across the gaming industry, promote cultural appreciation, representation in games/game-related content, and provide a platform for the Latinx community to elevate each other and themselves