Games and Online Harassment Hotline

2022 Impact Report

In its second year of operation, the Games Hotline focused on finding more and better ways to share its wisdom and guidance with the community. The resources we created centered on concerning trends and addressing common situations and needs that are relevant to the community, including a comprehensive and detailed guide for mitigating hate raids, which we’ve seen increasingly recurrent waves of in the past couple of years. The Games Hotline team felt eager to find more ways to share the knowledge and research they were doing with the public (and international community) beyond the one-on-one conversations on the Hotline. 

The philosophy of providing for the needs of our community translates to providing for the needs of our agents. We are constantly striving to provide better guides, resources, information, research, expert guidance, training, and ongoing learning to support agents so they have as much available to them to pull on as they support texters of the hotline. Additionally, we’ve stressed the importance of deliberate care (for each other and for self) and rest to stave off burnout and to put our full selves into supporting texters on the Games Hotline. 

Read more in our 2022 Impact Report about how our approaches and offerings have changed in 2022, what themes and trends we noticed on the Hotline, and the ways folks have said we’ve helped them.