Games Hotline Champions are our community representatives, using their unique voice to spread the word about the Games and Online Harassment Hotline in the communities where they work and play. As a Games Hotline Champion, they use their platform to stand up against systemic prejudices, fight stigma against mental health, and push for a games community that is more compassionate and inclusive.


Karim, better known as KarimCheese, is a 28-year-old Boston based content creator and variety streamer currently partnered on Twitch for half a year now. Born and raised in MA, he gave up his dreams of pursuing professional soccer in order to fully invest in a streaming, anime and content creation career in video games, his true first love.

Tanya DePass

Tanya is the Founder and Director of I Need Diverse Games, a not-for-profit organization based in Chicago. She’s part of Rivals of Waterdeep, an actual play D&D show on Twitch; the programming coordinator for OrcaCon & GaymerX; and often speaks on issues of diversity, feminism, race, intersectionality & other topics at conventions. She’s on the Board of Take This as well as a Stream Ambassador, and was part of the inaugural cohort of The Game Awards Future Class. Her work to make the industry more inclusive has been highlighted in Game Changer, Directed by Tina Charles, WNBA star & olympian as well as filmmaker. The short documentary premiered at Tribeca 2021, as part of the Queen Collective; an initiative started by Queen Latifah, supported by Proctor & Gamble in an effort to get more Black women into film making. Game Changer was also featured as part of BETHer’s 2021 Juneteenth Programming on 19 June 2021.


A rock-n-roll roleplayer, variety streamer, and VTuber whose dedication to the trans community and passion for performance has garnered industry recognition across both Twitch (she’s an official Ambassador) and major media publications. Veronica ‘Nikatine’ Ripley is a thought leader who is constantly innovating her content through emerging technologies and the creativity of roleplay. One of her biggest motivations as a creator is being able to reach other trans people and normalizing the trans experience for cis folks.

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