Streamer Creator Kit

Whether you want to shout out the Hotline so your audience knows about this essential resource or you are hosting a charity stream to help keep our doors open, we can’t thank you enough. It is folks like you who help to get the word out that allows us to reach the people who need the Games Hotline most.

Inside you’ll find:

  • CASE STUDIES: Sample case studies of users that go further into detail on how the Hotline works and why this work is essential
  • HOW TO COLLECT DONATIONS: Information on hosting your fundraiser either through Tiltify, Streamlabs, or via Direct Donations
  • GRAPHICS: A graphics package with a variety of assets that you can use as overlays on your stream or on your social media to promote your event
  • INFO: More background information on the Hotline and our mission.

If you host a stream for us let us know! We can help support your efforts by boosting on our social media. If you need anything specialized for your event or you have additional questions please reach out via our contact form!