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2022 Impact Report

In its second year of operation, the Games Hotline focused on finding more and better ways to share its wisdom and guidance with the community. The resources we created centered on concerning trends and addressing common situations and needs that are relevant to the community, including a comprehensive and detailed guide for mitigating hate raids,… Keep reading “2022 Impact Report”

2021 Impact Report

In August 2020 we launched the Games and Online Harassment Hotline with the hope to provide a compassionate and culturally specific emotional support to people who make or play games. Since then, we’ve been supporting folks all across games on a wide swath of issues: in-game harassment, industry workplace environments, online harassment and threats, community… Keep reading “2021 Impact Report”

Does the Games Hotline Talk to Harassers Too? How We Have Accountable Conversations

Sometimes people who have caused harassment or have been accused of abuse in communities will text into the Games Hotline for emotional support.  Why would we talk to people who may have harassed, abused, or harmed others? Aren’t we anti-harassment? Well, what we know is that harassment happens in an ecosystem, and we’re committed to… Keep reading “Does the Games Hotline Talk to Harassers Too? How We Have Accountable Conversations”